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Breakthrough Symposium

Houston Strategy Forum

First Annual
Breakthrough Symposium

Theme:“Disruptive Technologies!”

Tuesday, November 8 ● 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM ● Petroleum Club, Downtown Houston

Seeking Speaker Nominations

Breakthrough Innovations

Over the course of history, breakthrough innovations have redefined the human quality of life and human capabilities. These breakthroughs changed the paradigm. What is NEXT? Which breakthrough innovations have the potential to redefine the way we live, play, work, do business, and find meaning and satisfaction in life?

The purpose of the Breakthrough Symposiums is to help encourage the pursuit of breakthroughs in every facet of work and life. Facilitate the discussion to help companies and teams foster a culture of breakthrough thinking. Innovation is the surest way to create superior value.

Disruptive TechnologiesOur theme for 2002 is “Disruptive Technologies!” Which technologies are at the forefront? Our goal is to create a meaningful executive discussion between the innovators and the adopters of innovative technologies. The ecosystem is critical for innovations to thrive.

We are inviting innovative company executives and their client adopters to engage in a discussion on disruptive technologies. What is the need for disruptive technologies? What is the risk? Why is it necessary to take the risk, and what are the potential consequences? What must change in the corporate culture to encourage breakthrough innovation? How can we accelerate the speed of adoption?

Nominate Speakers We are looking for nominations for top executive speakers who are innovators and adopters of disruptive technologies. To nominate speakers, please download the pdf form from the link below and email it to

Speaker Nomination Form:

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Our Unique Format

What Makes Us Different?

The Houston Strategy Forum is a highly interactive discussion forum, not a presentation forum. No speeches, no PowerPoint presentations. 

Our business talk show format facilitates an energetic, meaningful, and respectful exchange between our speakers and attendees. Our unscripted format often creates "insightful learning opportunities." We receive rave reviews about our format from speakers and attendees. 

To encourage an open and candid discussion we follow Chatham House rules.