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Houston Strategy Forum

Seventh Annual
Strategic Supply-Chain Symposium


Tuesday, December 15, 2020 ● 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM ● VIRTUAL ZOOM MEETING

Conference Description

No Hollywood script writer could have envisioned 2020: The pandemic, the OPEC price-war, oil at negative $37. The year 2020 followed a series of down years for the Oil & Gas sector. How should the sector and the supply chain functions reinvent?

1. What are the supply chain strategies for 2021? What are the priorities?
2. How are supply chain organizations redesigning themselves?
3. How are they fulfilling talent needs? How is racial diversity and supplier diversity playing a role in the strategy?
4. Which technologies will help reinvent supply chain capabilities?
5. Has the five-year downturn and the pandemic made supply chain less or more strategic in the corporation? What will be the drivers of its value proposition going forward?
6. What role do environmental impact issues play in supply chain strategy and execution?

Conference Chair

Mr. Mark McDaniel



Panel Discussion Speakers

Mr. Marty Brotschul

Partner – Energy and Resources


Mr. R. Dean Foreman, Ph.D.

Chief Economist

American Petroleum Institute

Mr. Steve Freeman

Chief Procurement Officer


Mr. Jeremy Hill

Vice President, Global Supply Chain


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